Accurate appraisals and relevant services save clients time and money.

Inventory Validation

All inventory valuations are not the same.

Sector3 understands that raw materials, metals, chemicals, plastics and commodity valuations cannot be approached like traditional retail, distribution or manufacturing appraisals that may rely on prior performance to predict future results. Our familiarity with manufacturing, distribution, sales, and the metal and chemicals markets allow us to provide insight and accuracy that other appraisal companies cannot.

With unsurpassed experience in metals and chemicals production and a thorough knowledge of the macro and microeconomic factors that impact pricing, Sector3's appraisers are able to provide a valuation that is relevant, accurate and useful.

The Sector3 Process

Sector3 is committed to continual refinement of its valuation methods and is never stagnant in its approach. Sector3’s appraisal process includes:

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