Sector3 provides accurate and timely valuations that allow our clients to make informed business decisions.


Theory only gets you so far.

Sector3 is involved in the metals and chemicals markets on a daily basis, so our appraisers and analysts provide practical, not just theoretical, experience. With a thorough understanding of metals and chemicals pricing and market forces, and contacts nationwide, our team of professionals can manage even the largest projects quickly and accurately, resulting in time and cost savings for clients.

Collectively, Sector3's appraisers and analysts have over 150 years experience in ferrous and nonferrous metals valuation, and are able to interpret inventory data and market trends efficiently and accurately. Sector3's current network of chemicals and plastics appraisers have over 100 years of experience covering all critical sectors of the chemicals and plastics industries. It is this expertise that sets Sector3 apart from other appraisal firms.

  • Our metals appraisers are former industry professionals who have experience in purchasing, sales, metallurgy and product management of ferrous and nonferrous metals.
  • Our chemical and plastic appraisers all have extensive work histories with the largest US chemical and plastic producers with experience in sales, business management, and research & development.
  • Our analysts specialize in metal and chemical inventory valuations and use their unique skills to provide practical and creative solutions to common inventory monitoring obstacles.
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