Sector3 provides accurate and timely valuations that allow our clients to make informed business decisions.


Detailed and concise valuation reports help clients understand asset value and gain a competitive advantage.

Sector3 is not only an appraisal company but a metal and chemicals valuation company, offering a complete portfolio of asset valuation and advisory services for metals and chemical companies including inventory, machinery and equipment, and real estate. In fact, Sector3 prides itself in having more professionally qualified, experienced and dedicated metals, chemicals and commodity professionals than any other appraisal firm.

Recognized as national experts on metals, chemicals and plastics inventory, Sector3 is responsible for many of the unique approaches used today in metals, chemicals and commodity inventory appraisals. We understand and recognize the uniqueness of the chemicals and plastics industries, including the special handling characteristics of many products. Unlike other appraisal companies, our analysis and appraisal process is not dictated by templates and models. Sector3 understands that each company in the metals and chemicals industries is unique, so we work closely with the lender, as well as the company being appraised, to approach the valuation in a manner that is mutually beneficial while still maintaining accuracy and objectivity.

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